Consider A Pool To Spruce Up Your Landscape

If you are looking for a great way to add some pop to your landscape, consider having a custom built swimming pool put it. Besides making for a very tranquil, relaxing area to read a book and relax, have parties with friends, neighbors and others… It will also add some value to your home! pool

History of Pools
The First Swimming Pool
Probably the first swimming pool that was made was excavated in the third millennium BC. Lined with bricks and sealed with tar, the “Great Bath” pool is located at Mohenjo-Daro, which is situated in Pakistan. And if you are worried about finding a the best EastLake pool cleaning company then PSCV can provide the pool service and even clean your pool too!
Pools in Ancient Rome
Ancient Romans and Greeks also liked swimming pools, not only for training athletes but also for military exercises and games. Emperors in Rome often built swimming pools, and included fish. The first pool that was heated was built in Rome during the first century BC. Gaius Maecenas, a Roman lord, is credited for its construction.
The First Pools in London
In London, pools became a popular construction in the middle of the 1800s. In 1837, six indoor swimming pools (including diving boards) were designed and built in the English capital.
Britain’s Oldest Swim Club
The oldest swimming club that still survives in Britain, is the Maidstone Club in Kent. The organization was established in 1844 after some drownings occurred in the River Medway. Even rescuers drowned when trying to save the victims.
The club used the river to hold diving and racing competitions and water polo games. In 1844, members enjoyed a breakfast party on a raft in the Medway. Biscuits and coffee were served at the event.
An Ever-popular Activity
Following the 1896 Olympic Games, which featured swimming races, the popularity of the pool started to become widespread. Oxford opened a public indoor pool, all which caused people to take up the activity. Historically, then, bathers in bathing pools eventually became swimmers, and what once was the bathing pool was transformed into hub for swimming.

In addition to why pools are so popular, they can also provide a great way for folks looking to get a little exercise to burn off some calories! So consider a pool to spruce up your landscape, add to your social life and even possibly get a little exercise too!


Home Décor Ideas for Smaller Spaces

Increasing the Size of a Small Area: Make Good Use of Storage, Lighting and Color

In interior design, form follows function, especially when you are working with a smaller space. Therefore, no matter how much of an area you have available to you, you can still make it appear larger by choosing the right color scheme or making good use of storage. For example, you can widen a space economically by storing items in stackable baskets. Enlarge the looks of an area by using brighter lighting rather than recessed types of illumination too. Again, the right color selections will enlarge a room as well. Expand the size of an area by making the right selection of hues.

Paler Shades Make a Room Feel More Spacious

Colors that enlarge a room typically are lighter in nature. Warm colors, such as what is depicted by yellow, orange or red, convey a forward-looking feel. Therefore they come toward you and downscale a room’s size. Better to choose cooler colors as those represented by a paler shade of green, lilac, or blue. When you focus on these colors, they tend to move away, and therefore give the illusory effect of spaciousness. However, if you’d rather use a warmer color, such a yellow, select a tint that looks less noticeable, or a paler shade.

The Monochromatic Color – Always an Ideal Solution for a Smaller Abode

A monochromatic color theme makes use of various shades and tints of the same color family, such as three shades of blue or green. To add to the look, paint the doors and trim to complement the walls. Use tones in your furnishings that match the paint colors that you select.

How to Make a Square Space Seem Bigger with a Darker Color

You can also enlarge the looks of a small square room if you paint the opposite walls the exact same color, especially if the colors are darker. Yes, it’s true – paler colors make a room appear more spacious. However, if you must use darker shades, this visual effect will add to the room’s depth, thereby visually enhancing a room’s dimensions. Make the room appear even bigger by making sure it is lit brightly or has plenty of sun streaming into it.

Less is More when It Comes to Selecting Colors

While a monochromatic color scheme will definitely enhance a room’s size, you still may feel compelled to use more than one color. If so, select hues that convey the same intensity or saturation of color, regardless of their level of paleness or brightness. Similar degrees of saturation flatten out the overall look. As a result, there are no distractions to downsize a room. Just remember, be careful – if you select too many colors, you’ll defeat the purpose of upgrading the size. The use of too many tones and shades, just as using too much furniture, will make a room appear cramped in its overall effect.

Keep Things Streamlined to Make the Best Use of Space

Just keep in mind – make good use of the colors you choose, add plenty of illumination, and make good use of your storage space. Besides stackable baskets, you can also enhance a room’s size by storing items in bags that can be hung inside a closet or by stashing clothing and accessories in under bed boxes. Furniture should be light and well-spaced and uniform in its design. For example, whether you use Mission-style furniture or contemporary furnishings, don’t send a mixed message – keep the look streamlined and sleek. Furniture, such as end tables or chairs should be symmetrically placed, to balance out the overall look.

Home Décorating Colors – Customizing Your Rooms

The Color Wheel: Use it For Selecting the Colors for Your Décor

Choosing the colors for your home’s interior, when done correctly, can add to the appearance, style and comfort of your inner sanction. To begin the process, you must understand how a color wheel works. Color wheels feature colors that are primary, secondary, and tertiary in nature. Red, yellow and blue make up the primary colors, or the basic colors of the wheel.

Secondary and Tertiary Colors

These colors are used to create such secondary colors as orange (red + yellow), green (yellow + blue) and purple (red + blue).  The tertiary colors on the wheel are a combination of the primary and secondary hues. These colors, which make up various shades, often are complemented by white and black for a more darkened or softened look.

Monochromatic Hues

When developing a color scheme then, you have the choice of four kinds of color patterns. Monochromatic colors are made up of one color, and include black or white, to either darken or lighten the effect. For example, colors used in this theme may include cerulean blue, dark blue or two or three shades of the same tone or hue.

Analog Type Colors

Analog colors are similar tones that sit next to one another on the color wheel. For instance, blue and purple and green are examples of these kinds of selections. These shades often represent a more comforting palette.

Contrasting and Complementary Tones

Contrasting colors denote a more dramatic theme and include such triads as yellow and orange and green or red and blue and purple. On the other hand, complementary colors display two opposing hues, such as orange and blue, all which creates a more dramatic impact.

Making Color Selections

When redecorating a room then, don’t select the paint or wallpaper colors for your wall first. It’s best to choose the carpeting and furniture and then go from there. The colors you choose for the wall will be more neutral in effect. That being said, however, not everyone uses this approach, but selects neutral furnishings and bolder colors for the walls. Whichever way you elect to go, a color wheel is an essential tool in making a color selection.

Kitchen Accents and Upgrades that Add Pizzazz

Add Glass Fronted Cabinets

If your kitchen needs rehabbing but you don’t have a lot of money to spend, then you need not despair. You can make a few subtle changes and still create a whole new look. One kitchen makeover that you can make, which may cost a little more, but is still worth the effort, is the addition of glass fronted cabinets.

More Efficient Storage

Glass is not only an attractive and trending item, it will also force you to be selective when it comes to dishware and plates. Plus, you’ll be able to stay better organized as you can easily see where everything goes. That way, you can store your plates and dishes with more efficiency.

Double Up on Usage

Speaking of organization, you can make what you store look more fashionable by doubling the day-to-day items that you use. Items such a water pitchers or mixing bowls can be utilized as vases or containers when they aren’t being used for their originally intended purpose.

Paint the Cabinets and Switch Out the Hardware

If you can’t afford to spend extra money for changing out your cabinet doors, then you can always find the solution in painting the cabinets and switching out the hardware. Find some old-fashioned button knobs or elegant pieces made of brass to add to the reinvigorated cabinets.

A Small Enhancement but a Big Improvement

You don’t have to have a lot of money to create a kitchen island either. No need to hire a construction crew for the project. Simply buy a shelf-like trolley made of wire mesh and include a large piece of butcher block on top. This small but noticeable upgrade is a nice addition in a limited sized space.

Add Decorative Canisters on the Countertop

Adding certain containers on the countertop is not only practical, it adds to your kitchen’s appearance as well. Choose light blue canister prints or contemporary white canisters for housing such foodstuffs as pasta or flour. Include trays that match for any condiments.

Appliances and Pots and Pans

Appliances that are colorful are accents that really spice up a kitchen’s look. Select such colors as vivid red or yellow for a mixer to add extra cheer. Another way to enhance your kitchen’s looks is by installing hardware to hang your pots and pans. Not only will you have quick access to your kitchen supplies, it really looks quite fashionable.

Install a Hutch

When it comes to furnishings, a hutch is a nice centerpiece, especially if you want to go with a rustic or shabby chic theme. It’s also a great way to display some of your best crockery, glasses, and plates.

Landscape Design Tips

When considering designing your landscape keep these basic design tips in the back of your mind so you have an awesome looking yard, one that you’ll be proud to show off to your friends and family members.

The three basic design elements to remember are as follows.

  • High
  • Medium
  • And Low or ground cover

For the high element this would encompass any trees you would want in your yard. Say in example you wanted to have four palms trees along the side of a fence. You would basically map them or make a sketch of your yard. Have a key section where all the different marks on the sketch are clearly depicting which plant, tree etc is the symbol associated with the mark.

It is important to know about the different plants and trees you are considering as you will want to know the extent of their growth over the next few years. For instance you would not want to put a plant or bush in front of one plant that in a year or two after full growth exceeds the height of the plant behind it as it will block the view of that plant and will be a waste of money.

So back to the three landscape design elements you want to make sure to have a high canopy. A medium canopy and then you want smaller plants will low grown and then have plants that are low growth, or plants that are ground cover.

If you follow these tips it will cover the basic design elements and will be pleasing to the eyes. Make sure to know exactly the type of plants, shrubs and trees you are considering. It is also very important to know the amount of water required to keep the plant healty. And it is also very important to be aware of the climate zone you are in to make certain the weather in your area is one that will allow the plant to thrive.

This is especially important if you live in an area where it is very cold and frost is possible. Frost can kill the roots and thus your plants will die if you do not consider this issue.

So remember to take the time to research these tips provided regarding the plants, shrubs and trees you are considering. And remember the three design elements discussed here as it will bring a nice balance and be very pleasant for the eyes and will really make the landscape in your backyard pop with symmetry.




Home Design

Home design consist of three elements and will be the basis for the content we provide here at our website. If you focus on these elements you can really get you home looking its best! And if you are price conscientious then you can buy products very inexpensively and save yourself a lot of money.


The exterior of your home is very important as it is basically the first thing people see when walking by, pulling up into your driveway etc. If you have heard the first impression is the lasting impression then you will know how important the look and feel of the exterior of your home is.


For interior design it is all about making the most out of what you have and creating the illusion that you want. In example, say you have a small room. If you position furniture or do certain things you can give the appearance that the room is much bigger than it appears to the eye.

So the take away here is it is key to know the tricks of the trade regarding interior design so that you can get the most out of the littlest.


Regarding landscaping you need to consider it an extension of you home. If you live in warmer climates like Arizona or California, due to the mild winters you are able to enjoy your yard for the most part year round. A lot of folks in California actually have holiday celebrations outdoors since the weather allows for it.

Even if you are not able to enjoy your yard year round as those people in the warmer areas, most folks will be in their yards all summer long regardless of where in the world you live.

So if you are like most people then you want to make your yard look spectacular and something you can be proud of when you have guest over for cocktails or barbecues and other family events.

Doing Thing Inexpensively

Most people are feeling the effects of the economy tanking so they are much more aware of the price of things and are looking for ways to save money, yet get quality services, products and other items to look great in and around their homes.

If you keep your eyes open and look for good deal you will surely find lots of places to get good savings as a lot of businesses are offering big discounts. For instance if you want to buy lawn chair for your newly remodeled pool area then it would be best to purchase the lawn chair in the winter months as you can save hugely on seasonal items.