Consider A Pool To Spruce Up Your Landscape

If you are looking for a great way to add some pop to your landscape, consider having a custom built swimming pool put it. Besides making for a very tranquil, relaxing area to read a book and relax, have parties with friends, neighbors and others… It will also add some value to your home! pool

History of Pools
The First Swimming Pool
Probably the first swimming pool that was made was excavated in the third millennium BC. Lined with bricks and sealed with tar, the “Great Bath” pool is located at Mohenjo-Daro, which is situated in Pakistan. And if you are worried about finding a the best EastLake pool cleaning company then PSCV can provide the pool service and even clean your pool too!
Pools in Ancient Rome
Ancient Romans and Greeks also liked swimming pools, not only for training athletes but also for military exercises and games. Emperors in Rome often built swimming pools, and included fish. The first pool that was heated was built in Rome during the first century BC. Gaius Maecenas, a Roman lord, is credited for its construction.
The First Pools in London
In London, pools became a popular construction in the middle of the 1800s. In 1837, six indoor swimming pools (including diving boards) were designed and built in the English capital.
Britain’s Oldest Swim Club
The oldest swimming club that still survives in Britain, is the Maidstone Club in Kent. The organization was established in 1844 after some drownings occurred in the River Medway. Even rescuers drowned when trying to save the victims.
The club used the river to hold diving and racing competitions and water polo games. In 1844, members enjoyed a breakfast party on a raft in the Medway. Biscuits and coffee were served at the event.
An Ever-popular Activity
Following the 1896 Olympic Games, which featured swimming races, the popularity of the pool started to become widespread. Oxford opened a public indoor pool, all which caused people to take up the activity. Historically, then, bathers in bathing pools eventually became swimmers, and what once was the bathing pool was transformed into hub for swimming.

In addition to why pools are so popular, they can also provide a great way for folks looking to get a little exercise to burn off some calories! So consider a pool to spruce up your landscape, add to your social life and even possibly get a little exercise too!