Home Décor Ideas for Smaller Spaces

Increasing the Size of a Small Area: Make Good Use of Storage, Lighting and Color

In interior design, form follows function, especially when you are working with a smaller space. Therefore, no matter how much of an area you have available to you, you can still make it appear larger by choosing the right color scheme or making good use of storage. For example, you can widen a space economically by storing items in stackable baskets. Enlarge the looks of an area by using brighter lighting rather than recessed types of illumination too. Again, the right color selections will enlarge a room as well. Expand the size of an area by making the right selection of hues.

Paler Shades Make a Room Feel More Spacious

Colors that enlarge a room typically are lighter in nature. Warm colors, such as what is depicted by yellow, orange or red, convey a forward-looking feel. Therefore they come toward you and downscale a room’s size. Better to choose cooler colors as those represented by a paler shade of green, lilac, or blue. When you focus on these colors, they tend to move away, and therefore give the illusory effect of spaciousness. However, if you’d rather use a warmer color, such a yellow, select a tint that looks less noticeable, or a paler shade.

The Monochromatic Color – Always an Ideal Solution for a Smaller Abode

A monochromatic color theme makes use of various shades and tints of the same color family, such as three shades of blue or green. To add to the look, paint the doors and trim to complement the walls. Use tones in your furnishings that match the paint colors that you select.

How to Make a Square Space Seem Bigger with a Darker Color

You can also enlarge the looks of a small square room if you paint the opposite walls the exact same color, especially if the colors are darker. Yes, it’s true – paler colors make a room appear more spacious. However, if you must use darker shades, this visual effect will add to the room’s depth, thereby visually enhancing a room’s dimensions. Make the room appear even bigger by making sure it is lit brightly or has plenty of sun streaming into it.

Less is More when It Comes to Selecting Colors

While a monochromatic color scheme will definitely enhance a room’s size, you still may feel compelled to use more than one color. If so, select hues that convey the same intensity or saturation of color, regardless of their level of paleness or brightness. Similar degrees of saturation flatten out the overall look. As a result, there are no distractions to downsize a room. Just remember, be careful – if you select too many colors, you’ll defeat the purpose of upgrading the size. The use of too many tones and shades, just as using too much furniture, will make a room appear cramped in its overall effect.

Keep Things Streamlined to Make the Best Use of Space

Just keep in mind – make good use of the colors you choose, add plenty of illumination, and make good use of your storage space. Besides stackable baskets, you can also enhance a room’s size by storing items in bags that can be hung inside a closet or by stashing clothing and accessories in under bed boxes. Furniture should be light and well-spaced and uniform in its design. For example, whether you use Mission-style furniture or contemporary furnishings, don’t send a mixed message – keep the look streamlined and sleek. Furniture, such as end tables or chairs should be symmetrically placed, to balance out the overall look.